Why is it difficult to sell your home in the Fall?

Selling your home in autumn can be a difficult task and even more so for the home seller in Colorado. Seasons can change fast and bring a variety of changes with them. Your home’s yard can become a mess very quickly as the landscape starts to die off due to the colder weather; a dead landscape isn’t always appealing. Holidays are also just around the corner and can play a factor in the buying process. Money can be tight for those with children, and they can also have difficulty in arranging times to meet and view the house. There is much less traffic to open houses when compared to spring or summer as well.

Although not everyone may recommend selling a house during the fall or winter, if you must, then you must. Use this article to get some ideas about how you can improve your chance of selling a home in autumn.

Tips to Help with Selling a Home in the Fall

Leaves by shoes

Make the Landscape Appealing

The color of the landscape can be delightful and work to your advantage but can also be challenging to maintain. You can use this to your advantage when staging your home for a showing, or when your real estate agent creates marketing material. In Western Colorado, the trees change colors and can provide a beautiful backdrop for your real estate properties.

Colorado’s weather can become very cold, and if you are listing a house in Montrose, you will need to be aware of the changes the colder weather can have on your home’s landscape. Even though it’s cold, your grass will continue to grow until it has reached the point in the season where it goes from green to brown. With this in mind, be sure to mow your lawn to keep a clean look to your yard during the fall. The changing colors of the trees will also mean that their leaves will be falling off. Before you show your home or take photos/videos, be sure to rake up the leaves. In this way, you get the benefits of both a clean yard and the fall colors.

Show Off the Property’s Colder Season Systems

Fall house with fence

It can be difficult to show all of your home’s systems during summer and spring. When buying a home in Montrose CO, buyers might like to know that their new home will be sufficient in providing heat during our cold winter nights. Be sure to test, fix, and replace any systems your property may use during the winter months. This gives you an opportunity to show potential buyers that the home you are selling is reliable, even during the colder seasons.

Be Soft with Seasonal Decor

The holiday seasons are a fantastic time for decorating, but too much decorating can be unappealing to potential buyers. It may be tempting to decorate a home that you are selling during Halloween, but a more appropriate style may just be the Autumn theme. The colors of Colorado’s landscapes in the fall can create a pleasing color pallet for you to match with your decoration endeavor. This doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t decorate the home you are selling, but try to limit it to Fall styles rather than holiday themes. Steer clear of covering your house in spider webs just because Halloween is around the corner!

Highlight the Features Provided by the Season

San Juan Mountain Range

A great thing about a home in Colorado is that there are many features that can relate to the colder seasons. You can use these features to help your real estate agent market the home you are selling.

If you have a fireplace in your home, you can have it cleaned so that it has a pleasant appearance. Then light a fire in the fireplace during home tours or during videography/photography sessions. If possible, show off your finished basement as it is a selling point for the winter months because it can provide a place for activities to take place rather than having to go outside. Is there a mudroom in your home? Mudrooms are an excellent addition to a home in Colorado as it can become muddy during the fall season. Finally, check that the overgrowth is removed from around your yard so any views that your home may have are not hidden. Real estate in Montrose CO can have breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountain range and provide a great selling point for a home in that area, especially during the autumn season.

Utilize these tips to help market a real estate property that you are selling during the colder months. If you need help buying or selling in the Montrose Colorado area, contact me today!